0719 Baddeleyite

0719 Baddeleyite

ID: 0719
DATE: 23/07/2021
GOODS: Baddeleyite
HS CODE: 3816000000

Baddeleyite ore is a natural mineral raw material containing more than 90% free zirconia, and also contains impurities such as SiO 2, Al2O3, Fe 2O3 and TiO 2.  Baddeleyite belongs to monoclinic system, and the ore is irregular block with yellow, brown or black color. The ore density is 5.5 ~ 6g/cm3 and the melting point is 2500 ~ 2950℃. Baddeleyite can be used as high-grade refractory material, can also be used to extract metal zirconium, and can also be used to manufacture pigments, chemicals, grinding materials and high-tech ceramics.

The crystal of baddeleyite is plate-shaped, and the crystal aggregate is irregular block-shaped. Colors are yellow, brown and black.

Natural zirconium-bearing minerals containing free zirconia in baddeleyite. Baddeleyite is also called Brazilian stone because a large deposit in baddeleyite was discovered in Caldas, Brazil in 1899. The chemical formula of baddeleyite is ZrO 2, in which Zr: 73.9%, O: 26.1%, and natural baddeleyite generally contains ZrO 2 75% ~ 95%.  The main producing areas of baddeleyite are Brazil, South Africa and Russia.

Baddeleyite is a low-temperature stable phase of ZrO2, which is transformed into tetragonal ZrO2 when baddeleyite is heated to 1170℃, and produces about 7% volume shrinkage; It is transformed into cubic ZrO2 when heated to 2370℃. When people began to trial-produce crucible with baddeleyite in 1930, it was not successful because of its poor thermal shock stability due to its crystal transformation.

Baddeleyite is mainly found in basic rocks, carbonatites and dikes with corresponding compositions, and coexists with nepheline, aegirine, apatite, fluorite, perovskite and zircon pyrochlore.  Cryptomeric zircon found in Nixia dike is the product of later alteration, and coexists with zeolite and clay minerals. Minerals are produced in Parapolo, South Africa and Kovdor, Russia.



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