who we are and what we are doing in China ?

Our company is located in Hangzhou city, the capital of Zhejiang province in china. For location knowledge Hangzhou is near to Shanghai and Ningbo and also it’s the heart of most industrial province in china. So the location is one of our key to handle our business.

We have also 10 years of experience in trading of Chemical products, motorcycle spare parts and elevator area (import, export and manufacturing) that make us expert in industrial area.

We started our business with china in 90s and from 10 years ago till now we stand in china.

· Our expertise:

1. Sourcing: find the best factories for the goods with the reasonable price. That means we find the best quality goods with best price for our clients.

2. Provide the goods (make the deal and buy the goods for our client).

3. Inspection: we can inspect all the process of the goods from a to z (from produce to ship).

4. Financial: we can handle the whole chain of financial process as the client request (transfer, exchange etc.)

5. Shipping: custom clearance of china ports and ships the goods to all destinations (air, land and water).

6. In some country we can do door to door business.