0716 CaF-Fluorite

0716 CaF-Fluorite

ID: 0716 
DATE: 23/07/2021
GOODS NAME: CaF-Fluorite
HS CODE: 25292200.00 

1 Chemical composition:


2 Grain requirements:

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3 Test methods

3.1 Measurement of moisture

0.05g (accurate to 0.0002g) of sample 5 with particle size less than 0.2mm, which is evenly stirred, is quickly weighed with a weighing bottle which has been dried to constant quality in advance, and spread evenly in the weighing bottle. Open the weighing bottle containing the sample and put it in a drying oven at 105°C- 110°C for drying. After 2h, take out the weighing bottle and cover it immediately, put it in a dryer and cool it to room temperature (about 20min), and weigh it.

3.2 Analysis report

Pile 1
Pile 2
Method/Standard No
CaF2 %84.5874.53Titration
CaO %0.250.27 Titration
SiO2 %6.5115.38Acid digestion & ICP
P %<0.01 <0.01 Infrared absorption after combustion
Fe %0.430.44 Infrared absorption after combustion
S %0.090.05 Infrared absorption after combustion

4 Package

Packing: 50 kg bag with pallet/ 1000 kg bags/bulk

This product is packaged in double layers. The packaging material of the outer packaging bag should be corrosion-resistant and not easily damaged. The inner layer should be packaged with brown paper or plastic film, and the specifications of the inner and outer bags should be matched. The mouth of the bag should be sealed when packing.



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